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Why become a member of the Brant Artillery Gunners Club?

To be a part of an establishment that enjoys the comradery of other members of the club whether they are Veterans, families of a Veterans or someone who cares about their Veterans. The Brant Artillery Gunners Club is fully ran by volunteers who have 1 goal in mind, and that is to support, promote remembrance and serve their Veterans in the community and in our country. By being a member of the club you receive a discounted rate for all special events held at the club.

The Brant Artillery Gunners Club is tied in with both The 56th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery in Brantford, Ontario which homes 54 Battery, as well as all the Cadet Corps that are associated within Brantford.

To become a member of The Brant Artillery Gunners Club, come in to the club and see the bartender of the downstairs bar or please feel free to download and fill out a membership form and drop off at the club.

Membership Form

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