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In order to increase our fundraising efforts for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & those who are homeless, we decided to start a Sunday Blues Matinee. Much to our surprise the response was overwhelming and so here we are. Come see us at the lower bar of the Gunner's Club on Sunday afternoons. The drinks are cold, the food is hot, the company is great and the musical talent is... well, come see for yourself. 

We have a phenomenal line up for our house band, The Howitzer Blues Band, who are John McKinley (guitar), Chris Nemeth (drums) & Al Richardson (bass). They are not just guys with instruments, they truly stand out above all the rest with their skills and talent. Even without a special guest performer these three can draw a crowd on their own. 
Thank you John, Chris and Al for helping make Sundays such a success.

Click HERE to see the line up of guest performers

If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming a sponsor
please contact Nicole @ 519.865.5266

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Blues for Soldiers Sundays is proudly sponsored by

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